Selsey Lifeboat Station

Selsey Lifeboat Station - Shore Dive

Selsey has an active fishing fleet which moors in the area of the Lifeboat Station. The scraps thrown overboard assist in attracting the abundance of marine life which can be found in the area. There are a number of interesting objects around the current Lifeboat Station including remains of the old Lifeboat Station, a landing craft and a small reef. The area is teaming with shoals of breeding fish, bib, wrasse, gobies, shore, spider and hermit crabs, lobsters, cuttlefish, pipefish, small congers, oysters, mussels and anemones. Average depth 6m - one of our many favourite dives as there is always something to see. Strong currents mean that it is best to dive at slack water (4 hours before and 3 hours after high water) - note that visibility is usually significantly better on the HW+3 slack unless there has been an extended period of settled weather.


Safety information

Please note that this is a working beach, more akin to a small harbour than a tourist beach.


  • wires / ropes on Beach from Winching operations; wires will be slippery from grease / oil and may be moving
  • Boat Traffic - Fishing Fleet. Selsey Angling club and both lifeboats.............Surface Marker Buoys to be used at all times.
  • The Inshore Lifeboat and ALB Boartding Boat now launch down the beach in front of the new Boathouse - please do not leave equipment on the beach in the area.

New Lifeboat and Boathouse

 Minor impact on Diving in May 2017

Significant Impact in June and early July 2017

During 2016, the RNLI has announced it's intention to replace the current Tyne Class Lifeboat with the new Shannon - this will entail a new on-shore Boathouse to accommodate both the existing B-class Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) and the new Shannon and it's sophisticated Bobcat. In due course, the existing Boathouse will be removed.

Selsey Lifeboat Station is a popular Shore Dive and this page will provide updates on any impact on Diving from the Build activities -  we'll attempt to keep upto date but please ring the Dive Centre on (01243) 60100 with any specific queries.

May 2017

Shore Aspects

The new Boathouse is now operational; the Inshore Lifeboat and All-Weather Lifeboat Boarding Boat are now both based in the new Boathouse and the Lifeboat Shop is open.

Existing Boathouse

Demolition of the existing Boathouse has started. Initial work is focussed on removal of the interior and there is no impact on diving around the structure at the moment.

External demolition is due to start on Monday 12th June and last until 10 July 2017 (weather permitting) - Work will start early each morning and complete  late each evening on a 7 days a week basis - during this period it is strongly recommended that only the area to the West of the Boathouse is dived. Material from the external demolition will be brought to shore at Sluice Rocks / site of temporary Inshore Lifeboat Statio at the end of Lifeboat Green - this means that the work Barge Avon will be transitting between the Boathouse and the Shore at frequent intervals. 

The area around the Boathouse should be avoided whilst work is underway.

The current Tyne Lifeboat Voluntary Worker has moved to the mooring that is visible off the end of the current Boathouse; the crew will access the Lifeboat using a second beach launched ILB........the transition to use of the new Shannon Lifeboat will be towards the end of the Summer. Please ensure you use a SMB whilst diving in the area so the Lifeboat crew can be aware of your location at any time. Please avoid diving near Voluntary Worker whilst it is moored.