The Art of Breathing - Relaxation Workshops

Breathing is an essential part of our existence but the pressure of everyday life means we are often not paying it the attention it deserves. When we were in our cots every breath we took was relaxed, deep and full – just think about the way that a baby’s stomach rises and falls as they inhale and exhale. We grow older and rushed lifestyles and posture at work mean most of us have forgotten how to breathe this way. We can help you remember! 

Breathing Classes

Why should you think about Breathing?

Do you know how many times a minute you take a breath? Medical studies have shown that most people are breathing more often and less effectively than we should. The average adult takes between 12-20 breaths a minute but we should aim for lower than 10. If your rate is 8 a minute then that is 11,520 breaths a day- if it is 16 that increases to 23,000 a day. It is very tiring to breathe that much in a day!

When we lower the rate we engage the parasympathic nervous system which helps the body relax and heal when injured. Other benefits to breathing correctly include lower blood pressure, strengthened immune system, and aid weight control. 

Who will benefit from a Breathing Workshop?

Everyone!!! Those who explore the underwater world, whether Scuba Divers or Freedivers, benefit from improved breathing and being relaxed by using less air and spending longer amongst the marine life.  However, other Workshop attendees who have benefitted include those managing pain, those looking to reduce their stress levels, control panic attacks and those trying to improve sleep patterns.

What happens during the Workshop?

During the class we will look at how you are breathing now and introduce exercises to help you change your pattern for the better.  We will finish with a gentle guided mediation to help you understand the relationship between body and breathing. Would you like to join us to rediscover the power of a true breathe? Classes are held regularly in Selsey, please call us (01243 601000) to enquire about dates to rediscover the benefit of your true breath!

Anya Frampton (2019-04-27)